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Purchasing ‘Lifeline’, you are acquiring a unique piece of creative expression and making a powerful statement standing with Re'im people and their community. This art piece symbolize the resilience, traditions, and collective strength in the times of darkness. Proceeds from art sales are dedicated to helping Kibbutz Re'im.

Thank you for your support 🇮🇱 ❤️


Kibbutz Re'im

Kibbutz Reim is located in the south of the Israel, close to the Gaza Strip (1.2 miles) and Kibbutz Be’eri. The Kibbutz was founded in 1949 by the Palmach. The name Reim means Friends.

Re'im economy: The Kibbutz owns the Isralaser company, which was the first laser company in Israel to buy an advanced laser machine for the purpose of cutting metals. IsraBig, which manufactures dies for stamping,  agriculture and small business owners.

Population: 400 people are living in the Kibbutz, 100 are children.

October 7, 2023

On October 7th, Kibbutz Re’im lost

Amit Gabai, 18 years old
Asaf Febvre, 23 years old
Dvir Karp, 45 years old
Stav Kimhi, 35 years old
Varda Haramati, 85 years old
Yuval Gabai, 35 years old
Yaron Shahar, 51 years old

Liam Naser, 18 years old, was kidnapped to Gaza
5 Thai workers were kidnapped to Gaza


Photo by: Boris Kuntsman


Mom, it's Darya, Dad was killed. Stav too. Help.

Father and his spouse, Dvir and Stav, brutally murdered in front of their children. The terrorists left a message on the wall - "We don't kill children." The mother, Reut, was miles away, receiving harrowing messages from her children as the nightmare unfolded.

The Heroic Battle of Re'im 

In the heroic battle of Re'im, residents fought bravely to protect their Kibbutz. Six friends, armed with determination, held off dozens of terrorists, guided police forces, and saved lives during this harrowing ordeal. The Kibbutz faced threats from multiple directions, with homes set on fire and families in danger. In their darkest hour, their unity and courage prevailed, ensuring their community's survival.


Art From The Shadow

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